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When it comes to retirement, you are unlikely to consider Northfield, Minnesota's largest and most popular retirement community, as your first choice. This area of the Twin Cities is becoming increasingly popular with retirees and seniors, especially Minnesota Americans who want to stay with family and friends. Whether you are moving to a new city to be closer to family or friends or your new workplace, living in Northfields can be a positive experience compared to what you know, where you need to look.

Conveniently located amenities and interesting attractions are a great way to enjoy Northfield continuously and regularly. Knowing that there are a wealth of amenities and activities can ensure that you always have.

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The story of the Jesse James and James Younger Gang who robbed the First National Bank of Northfield served as a cultural and tourist attraction for the city. The city has reported on the attack and its consequences, as well as the subsequent recovery and recovery after the rampage. Northfields Historical Society and Museum to see the historic building where the Jesse James gang carried out a robbery and to hear how the townspeople fared after the shooting - out.

After seeing the sights of the main attractions, you might be tempted to return twice for a return trip. Do yourself a favor by visiting the Riverwalk Market and Fair at Northfield Public Library on the first Saturday of each month during the summer months.

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If you plan to visit one of the two colleges in Northfield, you should consider staying on the property and staying at this hotel. Try the Cowling Arboretum, known locally as "Arb," located at Carleton College. The campus covers a total of 950 hectares, including a nature reserve and park open to the public.

Nestled between eight interconnected glacial lakes, the park offers a variety of activities throughout the year, as well as a range of outdoor activities for children.

Many Northfield residents and students use the miles of trails and arboretum for hiking, running and cross-country skiing. Nearby is Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, which is best known for its hiking trails, but also has 13 km of hiking trails. If you're not a local, it's not so easy to find: the park has more trails than any other state park you can imagine in the state of Minnesota.

The fastest way from the Twin Cities to Northfield is to take Interstate 35 south of the MN-19 at Exit 69 or head east on Interstate 19. The fastest way to get to South Minnesota from Northfields to the twin towns is to take I-35 South of Minnesota-19 at Exit 69 and drive east of 19 and south on the freeway for about one mile.

The fastest way from Northfield to the Twin Cities of South Minnesota is to take Division Street and Minnesota 246 to Minnesota-19 at Exit 69 and drive east on the freeway for about one mile.

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Although Lake Superior County is often mentioned in these rankings, there are cities and suburbs that are also recognized as great places for retirees and considered the best retirement locations outside Minneapolis, such as St. Paul, Stony Brook and Duluth. Overall, with a population of just over 1.5 million and an average age of 35, it is younger than most cities in Vermont.

The median home price in Northfield is $196,400, more than double the Minnesota average of $200,000. To look more closely at home affordability in Northfield, read what you can learn about the home-price-to-income ratio, which is 3.3% and 10% above the Minnesota average. In fact, the median home price for a Northfields home was $1,843,500 in 2015, up 3% from the previous year, according to the latest Census Bureau data.

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More About Northfield