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The Archer House is really charming and we stayed there for a few days while we took our daughter to Carleton College across the road. Next time we will be more careful in choosing our room and book in advance to confirm a one night stay. We will stay there again if we decide to go to the carleton, but I am sure that next time I will be more careful in choosing a room.

I requested one of the larger rooms because my husband has a queen size bed and I felt it took up too much space. At no point did they say they would provide a second night to book if you got off after a night and if someone called you to book a room, they could offer it to you. When I return to the Schützenhaus in the future, I will definitely request a larger room, as I feel very comfortable there.

The fastest way from the Twin Cities to Northfield is to take Interstate 35 South to the MN-19 at Exit 69 and go east on Interstate 19. However, you will probably need a bicycle or car to get to the Shelter Hotel and other hotels in the area, such as the St. Louis Park Hotel. The one-way fare is $5 for the bus, which can be purchased online or in person at the hotel or by purchasing online.

As far as I could tell, it is possible to get to this part of the hotel without going up the stairs, but not to the third floor. Although the brief description of the rooms on the website does not include a view of the river or the library, some rooms have a view. The rooms upstairs have a reasonable view, as nothing blocks their windows.

In the heart of downtown Northfield, there is an excellent coffee that makes it easy to order sandwiches, wine, beer and appetizers. With the local malt O - Meal Factory, Northfields is one of the best smelling cities in America. Don't let a bad manager ruin the hotel, which leads to a bad stay. It's a great hotel with great service, great food and great views.

As you can see on the hotel's website, the top floor of the building offers great views of Northfield and beautiful views of St. Olaf College. Located off 300 South Highway 3, this hotel is close to downtown and offers a complimentary breakfast each morning. The inn, near Carleton College, is ideal for city parents visiting Carlington and St Olde colleges. Norwegian immigrants founded the college in 1874 and it is affiliated to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Located on the banks of the Cannon River, this inn is just blocks from St. Olaf College and Carleton College. Peterson said it often appears in promotional texts distributed by the Northfield Chamber of Commerce and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Tears flowed as many mournful onlookers watched as the fire ravaged the building, which has been a pillar of the community since it opened in the late 1950s under the leadership of its first owner, James E. Johnson. This photo is what's left of what was destroyed by a fire that started Thursday afternoon and burned through Friday and has shaped Northfield for generations, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

The owners have recently renovated the lobby, bar and guest rooms, giving the historic building a fresh look. The St. Olaf is much larger, although the rooms are tiny and there are no two-room apartments. There are a few smaller rooms available, but the room with the best view of Northfield's natural beauty, located on the second floor 120 above the river, was furnished in the early 1990s.

When I called back to change to a larger room, I got a new reservation and my original reservation was changed from one night to two. I went to the receptionist and asked if there was a spare room, as I had found one that was not very pleasant.

The confirmation letter stated two nights, but I could have made the change at 4pm on the day I arrived. I only noticed it the day after I arrived and the confirmation letter stated that I had been changed to two nights.

I didn't want to be too harsh with the front desk staff, but they're not managers, they just did what their manager told them to do. The receptionist said she would continue trying to get the manager for a second night, and they did.

I did everything I could to make suggestions and resolutions to the staff, but I felt that their hands were tied, as the manager was only available at 3pm on Fridays and weekends. ANGIE's manager told me giggling that they hadn't taken anyone in last weekend.

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