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We have compiled a list of hidden and not-so-hidden gems to discover in Northfield, Minnesota. Located just blocks from the Minnesota State Capitol in the heart of the city, Prairie Village has had a great year for several years, reviving 40 furnished buildings with a variety of exhibitions and events.

The Northfield Historical Society has restored the original First National Bank building and its main building one block from the historic site. The beauty of the museum is that it is right next to the actual bank where the robbery took place, which is just a few blocks from Prairie Village and the Minnesota State Capitol. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the First National Bank of Northfields operated from a small building on the north side of the city, but the main offices were built just blocks away on this historic site. This historic society has preserved original bank locations so visitors can see and experience what it looked like when the outlaws tried to rob it.

Travel back in time to a fully restored bank, including the original First National Bank building and its main building, which is part of the Northfield Historical Society Museum.

Exhibits at the Northfield Historical Society Museum and the Carleton Museum of Natural History feature exhibits of regional, national and international importance. All three institutions, including the museum, which presents its wide exhibition programme, have exhibitions of material artefacts that focus on research issues. Science and history will be included in the History of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical Education (STEM) exhibition, as shown at the University of Minnesota. - St. Paul's Center for the Study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

At the Weitz Center for Creativity, the Perlman Teaching Museum and Art Gallery are staging a traveling exhibition of works from the college's collection, as well as exhibitions curated by students, faculty and staff at Carleton University.

The campus covers a total of 950 hectares, including a nature reserve and park open to the public. Nearby is Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, with 13 km of hiking trails, known for its hiking and biking trails, and a variety of wildlife habitats.

If you're looking for a ball in the small town, you'll find two colleges that offer spectator sports throughout the school year: football, basketball and hockey. The Northfield Knights are a member of Minnesota State University - Duluth men's and women's basketball teams, and you have easy access to both. If you're in Minnesota looking for a great local sports team to watch, visit the University of Minnesota - St. Paul's football team, which is one of the few in the state with a full-time football program.

Located on the corner of Fourth and Division Streets, the Museum Shop, which is affiliated with the Northfield Historical Society, offers a wide range of books, books on history, art, history books and more. The museum to visit is Minnesota State University - Duluth Museum of Fine Arts, and you'll find some of the most unique and interesting art experiences in the state of Minnesota. But visit one of our most creative and interesting museums, which we were fortunate enough to visit. Visit the renowned University of Wisconsin - St. Paul Art Institute, or visit the State College of Art and Design Art Museum in Minneapolis or the Art Institute of Chicago.

On November 10th, I traveled to New Orleans with a group of friends from the Northfield Historical Society and the Duluth Museum of Fine Arts at Minnesota State University.

I would like to mention first my visit to the Northfield Historical Society Museum in the summer. I suggest you take the time to visit the museum and see for yourself. On my last visit, I spent a little more time at the Mississippi River Visitor Center, which is located near the Science Museum. The Kirby Science Center is located in a large building on the north side of the University of Minnesota's Duluth campus and features a wide variety of science and technology exhibits as well as an interactive exhibit for children.

This Minnesota nature museum, founded in 1872, has a new $79 million home that houses the museum's famous three-dimensional dioramas, including the original painted backdrop from the 1940s.

The fastest way to Northfield from the Twin Cities is to take Interstate 35 south from the MN-19 to Exit 69, or go east on Exit 19 to Division Street and Minnesota 246. I will visit eight communities in Minnesota in October 2018 and November 2019, and will host all eight.

St. Olaf College, known as "The Hill," is located in Northfield at the corner of Division Street and Minnesota 246. Instead of calling it "Errol's course," we decided to call it "Errol's course." The St. Olaf's course "due to its proximity to the University of Minnesota and its history.

More About Northfield

More About Northfield