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As the weather heats up and drinks get cooler, many Minnesotans are taking advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy an al fresco meal. There are plenty of tasty options in Northfield, Minnesota, but living in a small rural town can be a struggle. We have two seasons here: winter and road construction, not to mention summer. It's a well-known saying that Minneotan often repeats: "I'm vegan, you're not," and it's true.

Lunch is served in the soup and salad bar, as well as ready meals such as vegan cheese and cheese. Your bagels are vegan, with a few cheeses baked in the batter, So that's a good basis. Other vegan options include doubling the amount of milk (the milk is usually rotated) and special baked goods that are listed on the board.

Perhaps the most important thing about El Triunfo's is its green sauce, and the first serving is free. Tanzenwald's recently ditched their vegan aioli, their only vegan sauce being ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauce.

Tempura dough does not contain eggs, and naan does not, butter is used instead of oil, but the salad and appetizers are also vegan. The vegetables in the tempura starter are vegan (I ask), and all salads and salads on the starter are veggie-free too.

I always make sure to get the trademark green salsa, which is one of Minnesota's secret culinary treasures. Apart from the brats and burgers, the Brussels sprouts meatballs are amazing and I was told to leave out the aioli, but be sure to order the walnuts.

The good news is that it is possible to be in Northfield and want to eat El Triunfo's food, but still maintain as much social distance as possible. I especially recommend the Tinga Pollo, which can bring you a bit of everything, but not too much, just enough. You also have amazing guacamole wherever you are, although this item is not always available, so be sure to ask. If you've been to Northfields and supported a restaurant trying to hobble through this period of closure and quarantine, do what you can.

If anyone in the city with financial or legal expertise reads this, it would be great to help the company negotiate the relief that might soon be available, such as the recent stimulus package.

If you forget to eat food regularly at El Triunfo, you can help them get it done. Here's the process: Call 507-664-3888, tell them what you want to order and set up a contact - free curb statements. Pictures of the take-out menu are available in the slideshow below, but please do your bit to get in touch and encourage your friends and acquaintances to do the same.

So you order an appetizer, play a hole in the corn, enjoy a plate and a glass outdoors, then go in and get a delicious meal and go home or back to work. We hope that this month there will be a few local businesses that are working on lesser known gems in the suburbs.

But it's not the way that's written in a normal time, so I'm going to raise it so people who are watching restaurant reviews know what I value.

Located in the heart of Northfield city centre, the Chart House offers excellent coffee to order, sandwiches, wine, beer and appetizers on its outdoor terrace. The Bourbon Butcher's patio, which opened just a few weeks ago, also offers occasional meat - smoking demonstrations and free tastings. Although indoor service is prohibited, Walz said, the bar, restaurant and brewery are open in May and open at weekends for lunch and dinner and for special events such as the annual Minnesota State Fair. The Charthouse offers a wide range of food and drinks, from sandwiches to wine and beer to appetizers.

The fastest way from the Twin Cities to Northfield is Interstate 35 South to the MN-19 at exit 69. However, to get to the restaurant, you should probably take a bicycle or car to drive east on September 19 and get off at the Minnesota State Fair parking garage on the north side of the freeway.

When you arrive at the restaurant, call again and tell them you are there and ask for a generous tip, which will be added to your total amount when you give them your credit card number. If your food is not ready, go back to the parking lot and wait until it is laid on the exit table.

As I said, this is solid, unpretentious food, and I would not expect much of it to be repeated. They seem to be serving only tasty food and behaving as if they are becoming more and more established, while the city and region are undergoing a slow and not always smooth demographic change. The miso soup may be vegan, but when I finally asked them they weren't sure, so proceed with caution.

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