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You may have heard it gets cold in Minnesota, but we have four beautiful seasons, which means you're never at a loss what to do outside. Just 40 miles from our campus, the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul offer a variety of outdoor activities for students, from hiking and biking to hiking, biking and skiing.

Nearby is Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, which has 13 km of hiking trails and is best known for its hiking and biking trails. Next door, the Northfield Museum of Natural History and Minnesota State Historical Society offer a collection of recycled, salvaged and antique materials that breathe new life into wearable pieces. The Minnesota National Park Service's National Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 1,000 acres of natural resources and wildlife habitats.

Located on the corner of Fourth and Division Streets, the museum shop, which is affiliated with the Northfield Historical Society, offers a variety of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, as well as accessories. There is also the nonprofit Clothes and Clothes Association, which is run by the Community Action Center of Northfields and offers discounted apparel in the Northfield area. And NorthFIELD Yarn has a wide range of yarns, woollen and woolen clothing and other items for sale.

One room offers pastries, including cookie cutters galore, and the room has a VCR and mini-fridge. One room offers a price that includes a fully equipped kitchen with hob, oven, hob, microwave and microwave, and a small kitchen.

Art lovers will not want to miss the gift shop, where visitors can buy a rotating gallery of handmade works by local and regional artists in abundance. Jewelry lovers can drop by, and jewelry lovers will love the selection of jewelry by local artists. Speaking of appetites, you will find a wide selection of food and drinks for the subway area as well as a full service restaurant.

Chic, handmade and vintage goods range from jewellery and art to handbags galore, from high-quality leather goods to vintage clothing, accessories and accessories for men and women.

This quaint Japanese-influenced art shop is a great place to purchase some unique gifts from the Land of the Rising Sun, such as a large collection of watercolors to capture the beauty of the Cannon River. Speaking of home accessories, there is no - for that matter - flower shop in Water Street either, but a nice home and decoration shop in Northfield.

There are many categories covered here, but antiques in Northfield offer a wide selection of items, including furniture, furniture accessories, jewelry, clothing, toys and more.

The first stop on this unique Northfield tour is Makeshift Accessories, which offers over 100 high-quality jewelry and accessories. Off the beaten track, this secret souvenir and clothing shop in the attic is a destination to find a range of items in themed rooms. Game enthusiasts have Games N Geek, which offers everything from boards to video games, as well as a place to buy and sell CDs, records, DVDs and games. Echo's is a bit like a traditional record store and has something for almost every fanatic.

Located at 19-818 Division Street, this charming home offers three distinct suites, and all three rooms are very attractive, with the Summer Suite featuring a gas fireplace and a spa room. Located off 300 South Highway 3, close to downtown, this hotel offers a complimentary breakfast each morning.

Enjoy authentic tamales, injera, pho and lutefisk while you will be able to indulge in old favorites. Located in the heart of downtown Northfield, this is the place to forget about Java and make an excellent coffee while ordering a sandwich, wine, beer or appetizer. There are many places where you can get treats like bread, sandwiches, cookies and cupcakes, so you will definitely try something new.

Health and wellness enthusiasts can enjoy a wide range of health and fitness products at Fine Fettle, from fitness equipment to fitness accessories and more.

Carleton's less lofty, neat campus is just east of downtown, tucked away in the trees and grouped around Bald Spot, a gathering place. It is a campus with a total of 950 hectares, including a nature reserve and park open to the public. The big store is on a strip of the highway that is not downtown and where some local shops remain. Outdoor sports lovers can take a look around the Northfield Outdoor Sports Center, an outdoor recreation center with a variety of outdoor equipment and equipment.

There are several ways to get there from Northfield, but you will probably need a bicycle or car to get around the city, which is visited by most students several times a year. Start at the historic Archer House and River Inn, where Paper Paper Petalum features some of Minnesota's best finds, and then along Division Street, East Side Street, where there are more places to shop for clothes, houses and gifts. Wait. From there, you can shop downtown on the west side of Division Street, near the old town hall, starting with Paper Paper and featuring a variety of Minnesota finds.

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More About Northfield